Do you have water in your compressed air?

Are you suffering from water in your compressed air?

Water in your compressed air is a common problem, especially in the warmer summer months. Thankfully it is problem that is easily solved. 

Simply fit a refrigerated compressed air dryer

The problem of water in your compressed air can be easily solved by fitting a compressed air dryer. Usually a refrigerated dryer similar to the one shown above is all that is needed. The dryer works by cooling your compressed air, removing water in the process. The dryer then re-warms the air back up to room temperature. The water collected during the process is captured and ejected for disposal.

  • Dryers are usually fitted with filters to protect the dryer and downstream equipment from contaminants
  • The dryer is usually fitted between the compressor and the air receiver with flexible hoses 
  • Installation of the dryer usually takes less than a couple of hours if using flexible hoses.

The dryer usually requires a single phase 240v, 13 amp power supply.

Water in your compressed air is a common problem on many sites, but it is usually easily solved by fitting a simple refrigerated dryer into the system.

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Why is water in my compressed air a problem?

Water in your compressed air is something you should try to avoid at all costs.

  • Water may damage your end product if it gets sprayed onto it during production, resulting in loss of product or scrappage.
  • Water will corrode the internals of your expensive and delicate CNC equipment leading to expensive repair bills in the future.

The water can leave a bad taste or odour on products. If you are working with food products you may need to have additional drying and filtration to meet latest food quality regulations.