Why is it important to service your air compressor?

As with any high precision, highly engineered equipment, your air compressor needs to be serviced regularly to maintain the integrity of the precisely machined components within the compressor. The internal components within the compressor are machined to very tight tolerances. If contaminants get into the compressor these may damage the internal components resulting in excessive wear, causing poor air compression, poor efficiency and higher energy consumption.

Key issues created by not servicing your compressor:

  • Loss of efficiency from increased wear resulting in higher energy usage
  • Premature wear of key components leading to shorter compressor life.
  • Excessive oil and condensate being passed down the line with the compressed air.
  • Potential future issues / failures not spotted in advance of failure minimising emergency breakdowns

Having your compressor serviced by our skilled technicians ensures that your compressor it is kept in the best possible condition, minimises risk of breakdowns, improves efficiency reducing energy usage and improves compressor life. 

Having your compressor serviced ensures that your compressor is maintained in the best possible condition, minimises risk of breakdowns, improves compressor efficiency and improves compressor life.  

Air Equipment, with over 40 years of experience in the compressed air industry, can help with your current or future planned compressed air system. Whatever your requirements we can help identify and solve your compressed air issues.