Is your compressor prepared for the hot weather?

Air compressors will sometimes need a little help to keep them working properly through the hot weather that  we are forecast to see over the coming days. A well installed and correctly maintained air compressor will rarely have issues but we know this is not always the case.

Follow these simple guidelines before the hot weather arrives to ensure you air compressor stands a fighting chance! 

Air compressors don't like hot weather unless they are well prepared for it. A few simple checks will keep your compressor happy in the hot weather.

Five simple checks to keep your compressor working in the hot weather

  • Make sure your compressor room is well ventilated - Outside vents and louvres in the compressor room often get blocked with plants and other debris, check the vents are clear and open.
  • Make sure your compressor is serviced regularly and make sure the oil is topped up - low oil levels is likely to lead to an overheating problem
  • Don't remove panels from your compressor to 'help with cooling' - air compressors are designed to direct cooling air flow over the necessary areas of the machine. Removing panels can disturb this flow leading to important areas not being cooled correctly.
  • Regularly drain condensate from dryers, filters and receivers - this keeps the compressor working efficiently.

Check and fix leaks in your compressed air pipework - this saves you money and helps stop your air compressor overworking 

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