ABAC - CleanAir Oil Free Compressors

The CleanAIR oil-free compressors produce air at the highest quality, suitable for dentists, laboratories, surgeries, food packaging, drink dispensing and many other applications where hygienic and clean air is a must. The option of a top of the line adsorption dryer assures dry air down to -40 °C dew point. Optional acoustic canopy can be added to guarantee extremely low noise levels. All vessels are treated internally with epoxy coating to avoid corrosion, extend lifetimes and assure a safe operation.

ABAC OS Super Silent XS Series Compressors

OIL FREE DIRECT DRIVE, 0.75 - 2 HP (0.55- 1.5 kW)

The ABAC OS Range will silently help you in all your activities, with a noise level of 59 db(a) its comparable with a relaxed conversation between friends, to the point that you will not revert back to a standard, noisy compressor. 

Silence is not the only advantage of the OS range. Under the uniquely designed enclosed pump, beats a powerful heart: the direct-driven element can reach up to 9 bar of pressure, allowing you to use specialized tools that require higher pressure than most common, compact air compressors can deliver. The fact that the OS is oil-free and direct-driven it is just an additional benefit, as you can have all these advantages without the hassle of frequent maintenance: say good-bye to dirty hands and floors at every oil change, or having to replace the belt of you compressor every few months. The OS range will deliver clean, constant air for hundreds of hours without the need of any intervention.

ABAC Suitcase Compressors

Suitcase - the hand-carry compressor

Ease of use and compactness are the most notable attributes behind new ABAC Suitcase air compressor. The times in which you were struggling to bring compressed air where needed are over. Suitcase weighs only 10 kg and can be effortlessly transported with an anti-slip handle everywhere you want. There is a double set of absorption feet to the point, so that Suitcase can be also placed both vertically and horizontally, being even closer to your requirements. Although transportation and ease of use are fundamental, compressed air has to be delivered too and this why you are provided with universal air outlet, a spiral hose included and a vain where to store air-tool. Extra small sizes are not reflecting the performances of ABAC Suitcase which offers on the contrary important air displacement of 160 l/m, 8 bar pressure and relies on 1,5 HP engine power.

V 36/50 ABAC UK Lubricated Compressor

Direct Driven Air Compressor

ABAC XPN Wall Mounted Air Compressor

Saving space might not be the first benefit you think of when referring to air compressors, but XPN O15 will soon change your approach. This product has been designed in a way that helps its users to have reliable, high-quality air delivered exactly where it is needed.

Air tool kits available to support you in a wide range of solutions, being tailored for specific applications like inflating, painting and stapling.